Are you a photographer? There’s a new, easier way to run your business online.

Book a photographer in South Africa

Introducing Tapsnapp – South Africa’s first digital platform that lets customers find, book and pay you online – for the work you deserve.

How do you usually run your business? If you’ve built an effective network, people find you, refer you or simply call/email you. This is great if you already have it but what then? Being a photographer in this industry is hard enough, you still have to manage your schedules, client expectations, pricing, invoicing and then running after the money.

What we know is photographers love PHOTOGRAPHY but not the business so much. It can become so tedious. Well there’s a solution and it has been officially launched in South Africa!

What is Tapsnapp?

1. It’s your personal portfolio.

You can setup your portfolio and make it public so customers can find you directly. Setup your location (by city) and specialty (e.g. family photography), upload the relevant albums and simply share. You don’t technically even need a website. Everything a customer needs to to see about you is there.

2. It’s a payment platform.

Tapsnapp has a built-in secure payments platform that lets customer pay for your services based on the rates you set. Imagine customers buying things online or booking a hotel room? Now with our technology and your pricing, people can find you conveniently with pre-set pricing so customers only book you knowing what your shoots actually cost. This saves you so much time because you get bookings while you’re focused on your photography and not have to deal with customers who can’t pay your rates. Customers can book you via our platform using major credit cards or EFT. Once we process that payment, you get booked!

3. Focused on where you work.

I know you love to work where ever possible but that’s not always possible not to mention time consuming and costly when you need to travel. Let customers find you where you most prefer getting your work. Our location based service will allow customers to find you based on the city you work in. This means you can maximize your time and save on costs. The more you work where you need to be, the more you can earn.

4. A South African touch for an international audience.

Tapsnapp was built and developed for the South African market so it’s built for you. We support multiple languages including Afrikaans, Zulu and Xhosa so customers that require it can find you. This works wonderfully for our international visitors to South Africa who want your local knowledge and know-how. Tapsnapp allows international customers to book you from overseas and work with you when they land.

5. Expand your expertise and revenue.

You can add additional skills and services that customers need to add value to what you offer. Got a drone and license? Got a makeup artist? Got the equipment to do live photo editing for Instagram/Twitter? Got a photo-booth? Add them to your services and let customers find you. Don’t just make money with photos, build a relationship with customers and allow them to choose your value.

What are you waiting for? Get your business online FREE. Sign-up here to get started.

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