What does your body image mean to you?

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Moshitadi Lehlomela is a Limpopo born self-taught photographer. Moshitadi came to Johannesburg to study Civil Engineering. Her second year at her first job she bought herself her first camera to document her travels only to fall deeply in love with photography. After almost 6 years as a civil Engineer Moshitadi decided to leave her job to follow her passion and become a full-time photographer.

Moshitadi’s photography covers a variety of genres but her passion lies in capturing the human form through nude photography. She uses the art of posing nude to help her subjects see their authentic beauty. Through her initiative “The Goddess Collective” she organizes shoots with ordinary women as a way to celebrate female bodies. Her aim with the campaign is to send out the message that all bodies are beautiful despite societal and media beauty standards.

We’re the first to admit that it gets tiring to keep seeing thin models through rose-coloured Instagram filters throughout as if that’s the only thing that makes people happy. Seeing such courage and imagery gives us hope that there are people breaking stereotypes and telling us that we are all beautiful no matter what society expects us to be.

Find Moshitadi here: https://tapsnapp.co/moshitadi

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